Soraya Moraes

Soraya Moraes is a Brazilian Singer, a composer and a writer. She has been in the business as a Professional singer for 15 years and has recorded 10 CDs. Soraya has been a reference for all those who study the art of singing due to the high quality of her technical and vocal work. She is gifted with a strong voice and a different tone.

In 2008, she was the great winner of the Latin Grammy award, where she has won in three categories, including the best Brazilian song, placing Christian music at the highest level in the world music scenario. She also won an award for the Best Christian Music Album in Portuguese and in Spanish. In 2005, Soraya had already won the Latin Grammy as the Best Christian Music Album in Portuguese, and this these recent awards, she accumulated now four Latin Grammy awards, and is now the Brazilian artist with the greatest number of awards of this type.

She has received several golden disks from her recording companies due to her CDs’ high sales level. In 2008, she has released two CDs, one in Portuguese, “Som da Chuva” (The Sound of Rain) and one in Spanish, “Tengo sed de Ti” (I am Thirsty for You). Soraya has recorded two live DVDs, “Presença de Deus” (God’s Presence) and “Deixa o teu rio me levar” (Let Your River Take Me). Soraya performs with her band and she has performed at City Halls and in other events in Brazil and abroad.

In 2007, Soraya has released her first book dedicated to women, “Não Chores Mais” (Don’t Cry Anymore). Her book opened the way for her to preach at Women’s Seminars and Conferences all over Brazil. Her career has reached the United States, Portugal, South Africa, Angola and some Latin American countries. As a composer, Soraya has several songs recorded by herself with other Brazilian artists.

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